CJI brings you a close-knit team of highly trained and experienced professionals.

CJI Research (CJI) is an alliance of personnel highly experienced in market research, marketing, transit planning, database design, and graphic design. CJI was formed in 1983 by Dr. Hugh Clark and Dr. Joan Simon to provide market research to the public and not-for-profit sectors throughout the United States.

img-dr-hugh-clarkDr. Hugh M. Clark, PhD

Dr. Clark is the owner of CJI Research, LLC. He conducts primary research in attitudes and behaviors involved in public transportation, civic affairs, health care, and not-for-profit enterprise. He has more than thirty years of experience in market research of these kinds. He teaches Survey Design at the John Glenn College of The Ohio State University. He has also taught at Michigan State University, Miami University of Ohio, and Ohio Wesleyan University.

CJI’s research tools include surveys, focus groups, electoral analysis, key informant studies, census analysis, and other types of research. On the basis of our research, we have advised hospitals, public transportation providers, municipal governments, and not-for-profit organizations, on matters of customer and citizen attitudes and behavior. We have counseled mayors, governors, school boards, transit authorities and others on issues of public attitudes toward taxation, assisting in planning and winning tax issue campaigns.

In addition to his research background, Dr. Clark brings real-world hands-on experience with the kinds of public and non-profit entities CJI Research now serves. For example, he chaired the board of a major non-profit serving public schools. He has managed and strategized ballot issues for transit and other authorities needing tax funding. For twenty years, he served as the in-house research provider for a major hospital system. He chaired an election regulatory body for the Ohio Secretary of State, and has been active in other arenas as well. Coupled with his extensive research training, this hands-on experience provides him with a unique perspective on the organizational imperatives of having and applying solid research information to strategic decision-making.

Selena Barlow, MBA. Marketing and Market Research.

Cliff Chambers, MCP, Planning.

Karen Basinger, Ph.D. Database Design.

Ronny Kraft, Transit Project Manager.

Annmarie O’Brien, Online Survey Programming.

Navo Emmanuel, Data Analysis.